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You are looking for your own nest? Buy or rent a house, it can be a hard decision! But keep in mind, if you choose to buy a house, you are investing in the future. Becoming owner of a property that retains his value on the market, is a safe investment! When you rent a house you are also paying off a monthly rate, but at the end you will remain with empty hands. That is why a lot of people, who are able to do, are looking for the "House for sale" signs!

Investing is one thing, but then you need to choose between an apartment for sale or a house for sale. When you choose for a house, you probably will have more space, indoor and outdoor. Moreover you have no upstairs and downstairs neighbors, which gives you more freedom. If you start your search, pay attention to the following.

Location - orientation, noise, air pollution.

State of the building - well maintained, humidity, public utilities.

Conditions - permits, flooding.

Once you have selected a property, try to visit it during the day, so you can reduce the chance you looked over possible defects. If you can be accompanied by a contractor or an architect, even better, then you can further minimize these risks and can have a more realistic view on its sale price.

So finding the house of your dreams, just starts here!