Land For Sale - Kabarole
UGX 13,000,000~ $ 3,627

A plot of land suitable for commercial house

 480 m²
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Property details

A good plot of land suitable for building commercial or residential house with water and electirct on the top of the hill kihembo karambi sub county near kidukuru and karambi with a good developed and deplomatic neighbours

Description of the land

  • Tenure system : Lease hold
  • Land facing street

Fixtures, fittings and connections

  • Water
  • Electricity

Practical information

    Plot of land sold at 13000000 million uganda shillings in kihembo karambi sub county with a good viewing site of small hills and it can be used as afarm , if more intersted in a farm the owner can sale u more plot on that same land because they are neighbours and you enlarge your teritory

Location details

  Kabarole Kihembo

Financial details

Requested sale price : ~ $ 3,627 ( UGX 13,000,000 )

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